Month: April 2021

My Kitchen

Eating is the secret to good cooking

Culinary is one of my fields of interest and I consider eating as an art. Many people think that “eating” is simply putting food in their mouth and filling an empty stomach, but I do not. For me, eating is not simply to satisfy cravings when hungry, but to enjoy excellent spices and enjoy every […]

Healthy dishes

Moon cake recipe (baked cake – flexible cake)

This is a recipe for mooncakes that turtles like to make on holidays (nothing has to be the Mid-Autumn Festival) as long as there is time. It’s “good” but it’s only done once or twice a year. Just had time to type it up today for everyone’s reference because it’s quite long and detailed. Remember […]

Snacking Times


Fat after hydrogenation reaction has two forms, cis fat and trans fat according to the spatial structure. To put it simply, cis fat is similar to the average person with the body having an axis of symmetry, the right hand is symmetrical with the left hand, the right leg is symmetrical with the left leg. […]

Healthy dishes

Banana cake

Banana cake (banana cake) version using rice flour and coconut oil Yesterday’s story… The house only has a little flour left, so we have to use more rice flour. The avocado is also half used, must use more coconut oil. Any difficulty can be overcome, except for the difficulty “power failure due to line repair.” […]

Dishes of the day

Today is a very special day

  For math lovers, it’s the day of the number Pi (π). More special than every year before and many many years later, because today is not only 3.14 but also 3.1415. At 9:26 minutes 53 seconds, we have a longer number 3.141592653. Fortunately, because after so many years out of school, that’s all the […]

My Kitchen


In my opinion, in cakes, moon cakes are not difficult to make but need to be meticulous, because it is easy to encounter basic errors if not careful. After a while of researching through the forums, I found a recipe for mooncakes that I think is super standard, after a little adjustment, the result is […]

The Bakery

Sugar Metabolism Disorder

Malt: Commonly known as the delicious Quang Ngai Malt, packed in a tin jar like a cow’s milk can. Made from sticky rice and old rice apricots. Known as a candy that young and old all love :P. See more how to do it here D. Sugar for Dieters Loving sweets, but having to limit […]