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Two weeks ago, the section About Kitchen Tools did not have “comparative” and “analytical” articles, like the comment of someone who works as a “turtle reviewer” (self-advocacy! 😉 ). In fact, recommending a certain type of instrument is much simpler than comparing. But Tortoise can only confidently write when I have a firm grasp, unfortunately my grasp is a little less while the confusion is too much, so when I introduce, not Compare, I hope everyone will understand. feel, don’t expect too much, “it” is normal, the possibilities are limited. Besides, the introduction is good, isn’t it (That means next week will be the introduction)

Starting to make cakes for a while, seeing that some people use stand mixers, typically Kitchen Aid, many people will probably wonder “So should I buy it and what are the uses?”

Perhaps the first hurdle is the price. Compared to the hand mixer, the stand mixer has a rather large price gap. A few dozen compared to a few hundred US dollars, the price in Vietnam is a few hundred thousand (5-700K) compared to a few million (over 7 million) for anyone is something to think about. Talking loosely about spending, Vietnamese people are so good at spending money 😛 Over the years living in the US, turtles have noticed that many people spend a few tens of dollars on an item and have to think. Recalling the story of limited-edition or exclusive only molds, usually more than $30, but many people also try to wait until the price drops to buy even though they already like it. Saying that to reaffirm the above idea (that good money case 😛 ). The cake mold is like that, the stand mixer is something that people have to think more about, not every US has a stand mixer in the kitchen, so if anyone doesn’t have one or hasn’t, it should be considered normal. Delicious cake due to the recipe and experience, not from having a stand mixer or not!
A hand-held egg beater also meets the requirements of making cakes at home. Why not? The limitation is that the power is low, the machine is weaker than the desktop machine, so the bread dough cannot be kneaded and the whisking time is prolonged. The inconvenience is that you have to hold it, not 100% automation. In addition to the two things mentioned above, it does a full job in the bakery.

Move on to the tabletop whisk. Or should we just consider the stand mixer as a versatile machine, to a certain extent. Because it can mix cookie dough, knead bread dough, beat gateau eggs, whip cream (list the uses on 3 mixer heads). High capacity, shortened time.
Because most people who are baking and thinking about stand mixers already own a hand mixer, we focus on the more expensive, bigger, and heavier ones as a comparison point. So what are its advantages?

– For mixing cookie dough, it does better than hand mixer (people call it hand mixer) because the hand mixer’s cage beater is not good for mixing cookie dough, which is a heavy, thick, buttery dough. .

– To mix bread dough, it has a hook for kneading dough. Rating: yes. These days, few people want to knead the dough by hand, even though they get used to it quickly. There is a long debated topic: Is it better to knead bread dough by hand or with a machine. According to individual turtles, they are the same, if when pulling the thin film, the toughness and durability are the same (pulling the film very thin, smooth without breaking), there is no reason why hand kneading can be better than kneading. machine, and vice versa. It is also possible that people who maintain the opinion of using human power have a different opinion, but it is also possible that that opinion comes from the fact that after kneading the dough, it is tiring, consuming energy, quickly hungry, after baking, the cake is more delicious than making it. light machine.

Oops, going off topic. Come back.

– For whipping creams, the time is shortened to about 1/4 compared to using a hand-held machine.

End of main effects attached to the machine. In addition, in the turtle kitchen, it is also used to:

– Making nougat (it’s hard without this high-powered machine)

– Squeeze raw pork for chewy

– “Piece” steamed green beans (for making banh chung, banh beo, donuts, etc.)

– “Mash” potatoes, sweet potatoes to make mashed potatoes, of course

Moreover, what if you want to make ice cream? There is an attachment attached to the body, which is a large capacity bowl, making more ice cream than most other household ice cream machines. Want to make sausage, roll pasta, ravioli, mince meat, slice thinly, etc.? There are attachments for just that, just paying more and spending a little more space for those tools.

In addition to the price, the issue to consider is that the mother knights will have to have a corner of the kitchen table dedicated to this friend. It is not a tool to keep in a cupboard, every time you use it, you open it. To do so must be a weightlifter, not a player, with a machine weighing more than 10kg. Those who look familiar, “admiring” will find it beautiful, otherwise it is like a pile of iron occupying an area, especially when the house is small and the kitchen is tight.

Seems like too many advantages, but what about disadvantages and limitations? There is also.

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