Month: March 2021

The Bakery

Various applications of Saccharose

  – Decorating Sugar: General decorative sugar, often used in cakes, cupcakes, muffins. Includes a variety of sugars of different shapes and colors, similar to or contrasting with the color of the cake or the icing. There are large and coarse granulated sugars, some like diameter and color, some processed into different shapes, hearts, flowers, […]

Dishes of the day

The gio cake

I was going to “beg” for banana leaves and then make spring rolls, but some people wanted too much. It is convenient to go to the market in the morning to buy cheap ground meat, make dumplings and spring rolls. These dishes take a long time to make but they eat so quickly. Recipe: (for […]

Dishes of the day

To mix bread dough

Two weeks ago, the section About Kitchen Tools did not have “comparative” and “analytical” articles, like the comment of someone who works as a “turtle reviewer” (self-advocacy! 😉 ). In fact, recommending a certain type of instrument is much simpler than comparing. But Tortoise can only confidently write when I have a firm grasp, unfortunately […]

Healthy dishes

Crab Chung Cake for the kids

Anyone who has questions has the answer ready, no need to ask anymore: – Recipe: Cake 20x20x6cm weighs about 1.5kg after boiling, equivalent to the size of a large cake (many fillings). Reduce ingredients to fit your package! The quantity below makes about 12 large cakes or 10 large cakes and 3 small cakes for […]