How to use cooking oil is reasonable?

Vegetable oil is a common material with all countries in the world. Today, when health issues are at the forefront, the position of vegetable oils is reinforced. The effect of cooking oil (and other forms of fat such as fat, butter) is to dissolve the nutrients in the food into a form that is easily digested and absorbed into the human body such as some vitamins A, D, and K. , E and protein (found in eggs)…

Depending on the use and scent, oils are classified into many types.

– Common types: Groundnut oil, soybean oil, sesame oil (sesame), sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, rice membrane oil, corn oil (corn) … are types for daily cooking purposes. These types have been processed to no longer have a characteristic smell, suitable for processing many dishes, fruit cakes such as chiffon, gateaux… Adding a little oil mixed with glutinous rice also softens sticky rice, banh chung, cakes. using rice or filling with buns…
– Create smell and taste: Olive oil (olive oil), black sesame oil, white sesame oil, filling oil, cocoa oil (cocoa)… these oils have a very clear taste, creating a distinct character for the dish. . Pasta, pizza, Italian seafood sauce or some Mediterranean dishes cannot be without olive oil. It along with white sesame oil, sunflower oil is also used a lot in salads, salads, sauces. Black sesame oil, is the highlighting ingredient for traditional mooncakes and in many Asian dishes, especially grilled meats. Oil fillings also play a very important role when creating your own list of dishes and contain many beneficial nutrients for the body, especially Omega-6.
– Coconut oil (coconut oil), palm oil (palm oil): These are oils that contain a lot of saturated fatty acids similar to animal fats, so they are often advised to be used sparingly because they can affect health. But that is also the advantage of these two oils because of their thermal stability. Palm oil and coconut oil, which can withstand high temperatures when frying/frying with little change in composition, are the most suitable vegetable oils for this type of cooking compared to conventional cooking oils. Moreover, their taste is also great for cooking. Fat in palm oil, coconut oil makes it difficult to absorb for children, but the adult digestive system is complete, if you eat a lot of fried / fried food, these are the types that should be used.

So how to use cooking oil is reasonable?

For cooking oils that are rich in antioxidants and beneficial nutrients such as Omega-3, 6, 9 and antioxidants, it is best to use them in their original form, without using heat as olive oil, filling oil, sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, gac oil… The nutritional ingredients in any oil are only meaningful when minimizing heat exposure, when frying at high temperatures , the fatty acid composition in cooking oil itself is also converted into other forms harmful to the body such as aldehydes and ketones, not to mention other nutrients. Palm oil, coconut oil, lard and other animal fat products are often discouraged because they can cause some cardiovascular diseases, so is regular vegetable oil better? That only makes sense to a certain extent, because belief in vegetable oils leads to frequency, large amounts of use and the habit of eating a lot of fried food also makes us suffer from many other equally dangerous diseases. heart-related diseaes.
When frying / frying for the first time, the composition of cooking oil has many changes and is not good for health. Only by the senses, it is also possible to notice the color difference before and after processing. Therefore, it should not be fried again and again, and limited to no more than twice if possible. The best way, after the first use, for foods with little residue such as potatoes, donuts, etc., should be kept separate, reused, used in stir-fried dishes or soups, cooked dishes. With dishes with a lot of residue, fried at high temperature or with a long frying time such as fried meat, spring rolls… should not be regretted, because the benefits are “short-lived” but not good for health in the long run. If you want to use it rationally, choose tools (pans, pans) that are deep and small in diameter, to save the amount needed.

How to read the recipe: with dishes such as pizza, pasta…, in case there is not the right type of oil in the dish to be prepared while other ingredients are displayed in front of you, it can be completely replaced with the type you are using without should hesitate, next time if there are enough necessary ingredients, can do it again and have a certain comparison in taste. The volume of cooking oil does not differ much when measuring the same volume unit, so if different oils are used, they can still be weighed without affecting the properties of the dish Animal fat is a traditional ingredient. commonly used in food processing. Today, although it is no longer used much because of its effects on human health, it does not mean that the value of animal fat for cuisine has decreased. Unlike vegetable oils that are less heat-stable, fats can be processed at high temperatures, bringing a rich, greasy feeling in fried/fried dishes that is difficult to replace with other ingredients.

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