Fondue = Cheese and Chocolate.

In winter, hot dishes are warmly welcomed. Whenever making baked goods, a small pot of cheese fondue is indispensable. That fondue pot can be a small pot or ramekins put “ke” on a baking tray
Every year after Tet, my family has a whole bunch of bananas and only the mother turtle is the hardest to eat!

Tonight tempt the kids to eat bananas by offering them two options: “dessert brownies or chocolate fondue?” Of course they will choose fondue, it’s rare that mom has the opportunity to be so generous with chocolate. But mom has a plan already, choose fondue, the leftover chocolate tomorrow will be put into the pot of dough to make brownies. Either way, the children have the right to choose, and all of them are according to the mother’s will (beautiful life)

MY sent a fondue pot, a gift from far away Germany, since receiving it (in the middle of a forest of dried onions) until now have not had a chance to use it. The pot is beautiful, black, with golden letters, very prominent.
Open the box of fresh cream and pour half into the pot (100ml)

Take a handful of chocolate and add it with fresh cream (optional, the thinnest ratio is 1:1, like ganache). Put on the stove, light the candle at the bottom. If you want it fast, put it in the microwave or put it on the gas stove, hot cream will make the chocolate melt. Stirred.
Summer comes, the demand for cold dishes increases. Many people ask for information about ice cream machines, yogurt machines for home use. An introduction to ice cream machines from last year is here.

Regarding the “yogurt maker” or “yogurt incubator”, the mechanism of operation is very simple, just a device that keeps the temperature warm with a timer function. It’s simple because the way to make yogurt is also simple: warm the milk and dissolve it with the female yeast, then keep it for a few hours for the milk to ferment and solidify. The machine here does the final step: annealing. There are many ways to brew milk depending on the situation, you can use a styrofoam box (cheap), use a large saucepan (available), dry in the sun (convenient if you do it in the summer), use an oven (many of us have available), etc

Speaking of necessity, this is a good device, without it we can still make delicious yogurt. In fact, delicious and satisfactory yogurt (in terms of aroma, acidity, as well as consistency) is due to the ratio of the recipe, the temperature and the incubation time. With or without a machine, if the requirements are followed, the final product is the same, no, it’s better with an automatic machine.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a yogurt maker?

– Beautiful, “professional”

– Set of jars available, with discreet lids


– Tight kitchen. If anyone likes to cook (almost synonymous with buying a lot of kitchenware) –> the kitchen area is shrinking because of too many things, it is inconvenient to have an extra machine.

– Costly. The cost of each yogurt maker costs several tens of dollars abroad, not to mention that when it comes to Vietnam, the price will go up much higher. A few years ago, Intinex or Fivimart supermarket systems sold simple-shaped yogurt incubators, cheap domestic products, about 100-200 thousand VND.

– Waste energy. Summer is the season when the electricity is cut off, so if we reduce the equipment that depends on electricity, we can be more proactive. With a yogurt incubator, although the amount of electricity used is little, it will have to be plugged in continuously for a long time (6-8 hours). If you do it “by hand”, just put the kettle on the stove, cook for a few minutes to reach a hot temperature, then it can be used to brew for a few hours. If you sunbathe, you won’t lose any money. If using an oven, just turn the oven for a short time to heat up, then close the door to keep the heat.

– Only a limited quantity can be made each time (6-10 jars depending on the brand of the machine).

What if you don’t have a yogurt maker? It doesn’t matter, if we take advantage of canned food jars of children of weaning age (we can ask friends and neighbors who have children to use these products) or use cups/glasses with available in every home.
Fresh milk products in Japan use 1L paper boxes, so there is a yogurt incubator used to incubate this whole paper box. Therefore, KT uses two parallel ways: When you need yogurt to drink (liquid than regular milk, used for breakfast with cereal cakes or mixed fruit), use this incubator. Mix the female yogurt into a can of fresh (cold) milk, then place in the automatic incubator overnight.
In addition, KT uses glass jars, “manually” incubated in the oven to warm, close the door, also overnight. Yogurt is always thick and full of acidity. These jars, when not being used for yogurt, can be used for pate, pudding, or caramel! There is always work for these jars all year round, so even if there are 20, it does not feel superfluous and tight in the kitchen, because it is necessary.

If someone wants to buy a yogurt maker, what is the selection criteria?

– Glass jars with lids, it is best to buy a type that can buy an additional set of jars (for replacement, or in case there is a need to use more than the number of machines that can be brewed at the same time). Glass material is the best material when it comes to heated food, definitely say no to plastic jars! Buy an extra set of “shrimp” jars because most of us have small children

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