Laura went to Kuala Lumpur with his family as correspondent of my experience, They¬†have¬†seen the city from going up nothing less than the Petronas Twin Towers, one of the best works of engineering in the world …

On the occasion of our trip to Malaysia we could not visit the Petronas because in those days were closed> Kuala Lumpur with kids <but fortunately we were able to pass the baton to Laura, a super mom traveler, who tells us today his very special visit the Menara Petronas …

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur on a hot and muggy of August day and as soon as we got close to the city center, we were struck by the beauty and by the imposing twin towers, the Twin Towers, better known as Petronas towers named after the tanker that has financed.

The two towers emerge bullies in flat urban landscape giving an image of power and thrills and are stunning from all angles!

Thanks to Milly we got access to Petronas in the evening of August 19, 18:30: The time is very important for the climb to the towers because the landscape becomes more beautiful as they approaching the sunset, when the sky It turns red and yellow and is contrasted with the vivid green jungle around.

Menara Petronas with children: our visit

We arrived as agreed half an hour before the ticket office, where we waited for our special guide that would accompany the tour and explained the history of the famous towers.

The ticket office is located in the basement, a very large and clean where you wait to be able to access the elevator first, the one that leads to the central walkway.

Before you get to the first lift but we must pass the objects under a metal detector and is equipped with a provisional pass to put his neck.

Admission is limited in time and number of people so that you can enjoy all the majesty of this adventure in small groups and do not delay too much, thus leaving room for others.

Immediately past the control here comes a photographer for the usual photos, which can then be purchased at a price of about 25 euro at the shop out.

Petronas with child photo
I must say that is a good memory: behind the family are printed Petronas adorned with fireworks and inserted in an elegant setting.

Once past the photographer here is the elevator, rather small actually, and in a few seconds so to the central walkway, one that allows passage from one tower to another, and gives us the first thrill of the height. We plan to 42 to 170 meters high …

Petronas with children-42 plan

On the catwalk is allowed to dwell at most twenty minutes and we enjoyed to go from one tower to another always under the watchful eye of a large number of guards posted at every point of the towers.

We then passed to the second elevator that took us to the top of the tower (452metri).

As soon as you open the doors, the wonder and the thrill they have the best. The city is at your feet, the wind whistles and sometimes seems to vibrate the entire structure. The other tower stands next to us just as impressive and look down is not easy, because the dizziness is high.
Petronas with child dizziness

The structure is large, there are huge windows on each side and a faithful reconstruction of the towers in the middle. With the magnetic card given at the entrance you can recreate a three-dimensional drawing of the towers and that generally the children love it.

Even here at the top you can stop just about twenty minutes but enough to enjoy the view, the sunset and the thrill of being on a tall building!

We ‘time to get off, we seated in the elevator that will take us into a dark room with so many stars and posters of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, and from there to another elevator that will take us to the ground directly to the book shop.
So we end with the purchase of the legendary photos and souvenirs our beautiful adventure on the tallest twin towers in the world!

Petronas twin tower with child
For those of us traveling with children I would highly recommend this experience:

It is not at all tiring, even without stroller distances to be covered on foot are minimal;
from the idea and impressiveness usually to children / teens like the feeling given by empty and the wind whistling making you dance a little ‘;
the structure is very safe, very clean and easy to access;
there never rush or crowd, the staff is friendly and very attentive to the needs or the simple curiosity of the guests.
Petronas with children-relaxation
Released from Petronas you can then walk in Suria and wait for the lights of the night light up the towers to make them even more beautiful.

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