My friends often told me I was the most of wasting tourists in the world. Simply because if I had asked by someone about the most famous sights of a city I’ve ever come across that looks like, the more likely is that I do not remember, I had never even set foot. I just love to roam and enjoy the people and the city, I would scrape together their stories most favorite shows. Time has not yet started work as a cook, I also culinary experience that way. So mention the cuisine of Paris, I do not remember “how is good of marcaron” and “how strange of snails”. I only remember one woman named Mai, the founder – the cashier – the chef – waiter – Housekeeper – protection of the diner “Chez Mai” is located in the middle of the city district 5.

I discovered this restaurant while wandering in Latin, any city and town hin private little crowded tourists. I can not understand why between CBD expensive this can have a restaurant so tuyenh Davidson, like off-key piece of streets full of shops Galande ornate parlor. Stepping inside, I felt like I walked into an antiques exhibition. Furnished old, old wine cabinets conceal old kitchen. Especially found interesting here still use vignette style caro tablecloths blue red cherries point that I saw seemed extinct in both Vietnam and then must.


Menu of the restaurant or equally well. Ms. Mai himself translated all menu items from Vietnamese into French, many dishes sounded very enlightened. Fried spring rolls, for example, she called aesthetic Mieu is “Saucisson de Roi” (Sausage King). This dish is also eaten out the rolls, but because the French savory rice paper available, so she did not put more sauce. When eating only lettuce leaf rolls outside again and so enjoy it.

My memories of “Chez Mai” is only dimed like that, but I still remember the woman in the face small but agile, constantly laughed and chatted with guests like when not busy kitchen . If the opportunity to visit shops and spent time chatting with Mrs. Mai, you’ll be counting her memories of Nam Dinh countryside remaining in her; the paintings of the northern country and her own graphic hanging on the wall solemn; expectations or beliefs of her tiny banh chung is a standard dish of Vietnam, made of glutinous rice fragrant yellow flowers plastic, colored green leaves line, rather than Thai rice cakes distillation sell complete packages in banana leaves Paris.

No one thought she Mai who is nearly 90 years old stuffy, and to France for more than half a century. After years of work, she put your ki to afford a small apartment on the ground floor to renovate the cafeteria, just as her dream as a teen. Since then Ms. Mai alone who care for the restaurant, to climb up to the small loft above the shop to sleep. She lives and make a living within the space of just two dozen square meters wider than just mere 3 Statistics table and 8 chairs, waives all magnificent Parisian glamor, all facilities of modern times, even both attractive price they offer to buy back the house at the gold position. Remember when I asked why she did not sell the house to go and rest retirement, she just smiled and said, now that the guests stay where they get out to chat. Then she says hello 2 visitor requests have stepped in and enthusiasm for their food advise. Much later I realized something more strength and cheerful for a woman at the age of ancient sacrifice future that: Satisfaction when you want to pick the right path. /.

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