Busan is the second largest city in South Korea (Seoul after). Located just south of the country, is a port city with many tourist attractions. From its location, Busan has a milder climate than the rest of the country. This is also the favorite resort of Koreans! They come from all over the country to enjoy the beaches of “Haeundae”, “Gwangalli” and “Songjeong” which literally stormed soon as the sun shows the tip of his nose! They also appreciate the tranquility and the Yonggungsa Beomeosa temples.

But beyond the beaches, Busan has the largest port in Korea and there are many routes between Busan and Japan to the world. And you will find, along the harbor, the biggest fish market in all of Korea!

Jagalchi fish market is often seen in movies and Korean TV series. This is a typical place, well known to Koreans and all lovers of Korean Culture. You’ll find thousands of fish and old fish vendors with a strong character! You should know that in general, men are fishermen and women vendors (although there are many exceptions heard). It’s a job that seems very difficult because in addition to spending hours in the middle of the fish, you have to constantly fight amid the fierce competition that exists along the port of Busan. Dozens and dozens of fish vendors will present their finest specimens (sometimes with strange looks, it must be said) to make you pay a few Won (Korean currency).

You can indeed treat you as you enter one of the many restaurants that make their home along the market and have bought you grill the fish you just bought, or prepare fabulous dishes … And no worries at freshness! But be careful what you order because some of these marine animals have strange shapes …

The fish market is unique and if you go through Busan, you should definitely take a stroll among the fish market Jagalchi … You’ll never see as many edible marine animals of your life!

Jagalchi Fish Market, Busan, South Korea

An urge to go to South Korea and Busan? Remember to go through an online flight search to book your tickets. And you tell me what you think of this amazing market with many fish!

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